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The 1% Hourglass


Take this moment.

The 1% Hourglass helps facilitate a precious 15-minute respite from life’s daily distractions. Akin to a droplet in the sea, time spent using this hourglass can have a ripple effect. Dedicate 15 minutes, just 1% of your day, to a more present, intentional way of living.

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15 Minutes =
1% of Your Day

The 1% Hourglass by Current.

Navigating life’s currents can often feel like we’re being pulled in countless directions, leaving us feeling adrift amidst the waves of daily obligations and distractions.

Caught in this perpetual cycle we neglect the importance of carving out time for ourselves, allowing the chaos to overwhelm us.

Take this moment

The 1% Hourglass is a token of the present and the opportunity to take a moment for yourself. Like a drop in the ocean of your busy day, the brief moments you spend using this hourglass can have a ripple effect.

Whether used for self-reflection, focused productivity, or quality time with loved ones, let these 15 minutes—merely 1% of your day—guide you toward a more mindful, intentional way of living.

The 1% hourglass silently measures 15 minutes.

The idea behind the 1% hourglass is to commit 15 minutes (just 1% of your day) towards something meaningful to you.

This can be meditation, stretching, reflection, reading or distraction-free conversation. Of course, these are just suggestions – you may find other use cases that are meaningful to you.

The 1% hourglass is made from a fine sand filling encased in a glass-blown vessel.

Absolutely! The Current 1% Hourglass makes a thoughtful and unique gift. It comes beautifully packaged in a cardboard tube, with a leaflet explaining the 1% concept.





Focused Work




What people say:

An Amazing Product

After seeing your tide clocks in the Irish Times Weekend Magazine, our family, which often chat about the tide for swimming, didn’t hesitated to place an order. It’s crafted nicely and promises to be incredibly helpful. We’re thoroughly pleased with our purchase.


I'm swimming more

This beautiful piece really motivates me to grab my swim gear and head to the shore. The delivery came super fast. A fantastic buy, and it’d make an amazing present for friends or family who adore the sea.


Often Admired

The delivery was impressively quick, and the packaging was handled with a lot of care. The tide times are spot-on, and the lovely pale blue shades make the clock’s face both subtly attractive and stunning. It gets plenty of compliments.


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