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Brighton Tide Clock



Brighton, a vibrant and bustling city on the English coast, is a haven for sea swimmers and culture-seeking walkers. Its pebbled shores welcome swimmers to the cool embrace of the English Channel, while the iconic Brighton Pier provides a picturesque backdrop. For walkers, the lively seafront promenade is lined with historic Regency architecture, eclectic shops, and artistic murals. The city’s cosmopolitan spirit is matched by the serene beauty of the South Downs just a short journey away, making Brighton a unique blend of urban charm and natural splendor.

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Make planning trips to the sea that little bit easier.

Current Clock

A Current Clock is a contemporary twist on the traditional tide clock and is designed to display the status of the tide at a glance.

Quick and simple to read, a Current Tide Clock counts down the number of hours until high and low tide, so you can plan your swims and trips to the sea efficiently.

Each clockface is inspired by the beautiful and popular seaside locations in Ireland & the UK – then carefully illustrated by our designer

The moon is the biggest factor in determining the cause of tides.

24 hours and 50 minutes is the time it takes for a specific site on the Earth to rotate from an exact point under the moon to the same point under the moon. 

Every full completion is called a lunar day (also known as a ‘tidal day’). Or to put it all more simply, a lunar day is the time it takes for the moon to appear in the same place in the sky.

The moon’s gravitational pull generates a tidal force by pulling the water from the sea towards it. This causes a bulge or a high tide on the side of the earth that is closest to the moon.

Current Tide Clocks are designed to track the moon’s effect on the tide. To do this the hand on our tide clocks complete a full rotation every 12 hours, 25 minutes and 14 seconds – this is the average time it takes the tide to come in and out on semidiurnal coasts.

Although not as much as the moon, the sun also impacts the tides – so all tide clocks will have deviations in accuracy throughout the month. Read below to find out how to set your tide clock and minimise these deviations.

All tide clocks have deviations of up to one hour when set correctly.

It is important not to readjust the clock during these deviations as it will upset the overall accuracy. Only set the clock on days of full moons or new moons for accurate results.

No, tide clocks only work on semi-diurnal coasts. View our world tidal map to see if a clock is suitable.

Current Tide Clocks are 13 inches wide in diameter.

Current Clocks are made with a pine wood framing and dome glass covering.

What people say:

An Amazing Product

After seeing your tide clocks in the Irish Times Weekend Magazine, our family, which often chat about the tide for swimming, didn’t hesitated to place an order. It’s crafted nicely and promises to be incredibly helpful. We’re thoroughly pleased with our purchase.


I'm swimming more

This beautiful piece really motivates me to grab my swim gear and head to the shore. The delivery came super fast. A fantastic buy, and it’d make an amazing present for friends or family who adore the sea.


Often Admired

The delivery was impressively quick, and the packaging was handled with a lot of care. The tide times are spot-on, and the lovely pale blue shades make the clock’s face both subtly attractive and stunning. It gets plenty of compliments.


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