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Current Story

Current came to life during the Summer of 2022 by two sea lovers. Walks on the beach, sea swimming, trips to seaside locations and being by the water brings such peace and joy to our lives. We wanted to create a clock that was both a handy device to have in a home and also a tribute to the beautiful sea side locations we adore.

Each clock features original artwork of coastal locations around Ireland on the clockface. We launched the Current Collection in November 2022 with our Forty Foot, Seapoint and Ripple designs and in May 2023 we added Vico Baths, Sandymount Strand, Portmarnock, Bull Wall, Dunmore East, Salthill/Blackrock and Belmullet to the collection. We can’t wait to add more designs from places in Ireland and further afield.

For us, the sea brings a feeling of happiness, relaxation and a way to switch off the stresses of everyday life. We hope your Current Clock will bring a touch of the seaside into your or your loved ones’ lives and serve as a little reminder that just like the tide washes away each day, so do worries and anxieties. Not to forget that Nil tuile dá mhéad nach dtránn (There’s no flood so high that it won’t recede).